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Our mission is to help individuals and organizations use personal information better with the use of language models


It's hard to use the firehose of information we're hit with everyday. For individuals like researchers this can lead to missed opportunities or forgotten ideas, and in organizations this can lead to lost productivity, especially in high-growth groups where people have to onboard quickly.

How we're going to fix this:

Each Diva account indexes the information in the account. All the person needs to do is connect the source on our console, and we can index it. Sources currently include Notion, Slack, and can be extended to any type of document.
A user can use their Diva for a variety of services that we offer:
1. Search. With memorizer-based search the user can search over all their input sources at once (eg. all relevant Slack messages and Notion docs will come up at the same time)
2. Panel: A chrome extension that can give you useful information based on what is currently open in your tab based on semantic search with the memorizer. This is useful because it allows the user to rediscover things they didn't know were in their knowledge base, and circumvents the need to type out a search query. An example is here:
3: ??: We're trying out new techniques and developing new features. Check back for more soon!
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