We memorize your knowledge so you don't have to

Automatically resurface relevant content from Notion, Slack, bookmarks, and more. Diva helps you spend less time organizing and remembering knowledge.


We're hit with a firehose of information everyday, so much that we forget some. Diva is a proactive, personal information engine. Give your personal Diva your information, and let it remember it for you. You can do many things with your trained Diva:

Diva Search

With Diva-based search you can search over all your input sources at once (eg. all relevant Slack messages and notion docs will come up at the same time)

Accessible from our website and our extension
Kubernetes Search Results

Diva Panel

Have useful and relevant docs automatically shown to you as you browse the internet. Our chrome extension lets you rediscover things in your Diva and to allow you to retrieve knowledge without ever having to actually search for it.
Panel Demonstration

Diva Whatever You Want

Have any other ideas for services? Want access to the underlying Diva embeddings for your own service? Contact us and we would love to talk more! Check out our docs to see how to extend Diva

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  • 3 Free Sources
  • Unlimited additional sources


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